Body Sculptue

These photos are from an exhibition I had years ago. Most of the photos are still in their mounts.
They have not been "corrected" and as per the original exhibition.
When scanned they have not copied as well as the originals.

If easily offended by nudity then do not scroll down.
However if you are offended - try looking in the mirror naked.
We are all naked under our clothes!

Express & Echo

My answer at the time:

In March 1994 I had a photographic exhibition at the Exeter Art Centre (now the Phoenix Art Centre). It created some controversy with the content. I had worked on the images for about 9 months from an idea that I had about using human bodies as landscapes. I know there is nothing new in this idea but I had not studied photography formally and was not influenced by any other photographers (well not consciously). My concept in a perfect world was to have the images displayed in a darkened oblong shaped room where the images would start very dark and slowly become lighter. This was to “disguise” the actual content and to force the viewer to just appreciate the image as is and not to be influenced by the content. However life being what it is they were displayed in a well lit room. I had not imagined that the exhibition would create any publicity, as it had not been advertised; imagine my surprise when I made the front page of the Express & Echo! I was also on local radio debating with the moral crusader and former conservative parliamentary candidate for the Conservative Party Dr Adrian Rogers.

Quotes from the paper: “They were full of women in sexual positions, men and women on top of each other and genitals flying in every direction”. My quote: “They’re only parts of the body. Perhaps people should look in the mirror a bit more”.