My old photos from years ago when I was a professional photographer

Quick Explanation of my Work

I mainly concentrated on "Live Events" as I wasn't bad at capturing the moment. All the photos except Prodigy were developed and printed by me.

Rock Bands
I worked by commission for a few clients including Kerrang Magazine so ended up with all access passes to rock events, hence Monsters of Rock. Some of the live indoor shots meant "pushing" the film speed thus more grain. The Thunder photos I developed myself which took me ages as colour developing is much more complicated than B&W.
I did not always own the copyright and passed on the prints and negatives to the client, so lots of bands I photographed I cannot publish.
Most of my theatre work was completed the day before the opening of the "show" at the dress rehearsal and everything was done in a hurry. This involved me nearly always being on stage with the actors whilst acting, no posing! They again kept most of the prints and negatives.
Portraits were a more leisurely occupation and I kept the copyright.
I would only take on a wedding job if I could avoid all the staged group photos and anyway the type of people who hired me could see my past wedding portfolio before they hired me. I shot mostly in black and white but with three different cameras to enable quick shots with different lenses.
These are much more current and are just snaps taken mostly with my phone over the last 10 years of running a cycle tour business around the Lot department of south west France. More of a reminder of our tours and not necessarily particulary good photos. I might actually add to these.
Body Sculpture
My Body Sculpture exhibition hit the headlines of the local newspaper (see photo below) mainly due to a right wing homophobe, racist etc named Dr Adrian Rogers.
The comments and feedback were generally supportive until the article and then there was a mix of biased views from people who already had made their mind up to dislike the photos. But there was lots of support too. I still have the comments book and might add some to the site later.
They are just photos of the human body! We all have seen nude people before, if only in the mirror.
Why Sebastian? At school there were lots of John's so I called myself Sebastian. Plus later on I played a lot of football (soccer) and there were lots of John's there too, so shortened it to Seb whilst playing. Plus it sounded more pretentious for photography.....
Don't click on the link if you are easily offended.

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