Despard the Town

Despard Town In West Virginia, USA

Despard named after Richard Despard
Among the pioneer merchants to locate at Clarksburg, DESPARD West Virginia, was Richard Despard, who, accompanied by his family (Diana Burton/McMahon), emigrated from his native land, Ireland, and became a merchant in New York City, where he at one time owned a considerable portion of Murray Hill. Later he came to West Virginia and began merchandising there. He lived to a good old age, highly respected by all who traded with him.
E-Book Page 749

Dragomir Despard

Dragomir Despard is a character who appears in LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7.
As he is simply Ron in disguise, he is able to access Weasley Boxes, use Pigwidgeon and also use the Deluminator.
His character token is found in the Forest of Dean, behind a red wall, which can be destroyed by using Diffindo.

The Charlotte Despard Pub

The Charlotte Despard Pub

Archway Rd, London, N19 3TX : 0207-272-7872 : We pride ourselves on being a relaxed and friendly place, with a nice and eclectic clientele. We're the place to come for great beer, tasty snacks, good conversation and funky music, and we hope that we have something to offer everyone... more on the blog page We've always got a range of papers for your perusal and use - Although the Guardian quick crossword is most definitely Tom's. So if you find yourself in Highgate or Archway, and you're looking for a good time in a relaxed environment, with friendly, interesting people and no hassle, you know where to come.
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Despard Road

As of June 2016 house prices in the road vary from a flat at £368,000 to over £1,270,000.
Just for a terraced house?
Wow Despard Road is expensive!
Also there is a Charlotte Despard Avenue in Battersea SW11 5JA
Ok there are lots of streets

Despard Ave, Glasgow. G32 0RT
Despard Street, Clarksburg, WV 26301 (West Virginia)
450 Despard Ave, Parksville BC V9P (Vancouver Island)

The Despard Train

Sir Despard Train

Class: Roundhouse “Criccieth Castle” built in Doncaster, England.
Driver: Mad Margaret.
History: Sir Despard arrived on the MLR in November 2009.
The directors felt the need for a powerful, non-steam locomotive capable of operating services at a moment’s notice.
Sir Despard, named after one of the bad baronets of Ruddigore, in the eponymous Gilbert and Sullivan opera, is driven by Mad Margaret, his long-standing operatic sweetheart.
His throaty growl and penetrating horn alert everyone living next to the railway that services are in operation.
Already neighbouring rabbits have objected to the disturbance by escaping and gnawing a tree at Kermit Town station.

1912 Film

The Tables Turned - 1912 Film Featuring Despards

Rose Despard saw her young husband holding an interesting conversation in his office with another young lady. Home she goes and confides her troubles to her maid. This shrewd young woman sees a chance of ingratiating herself with her mistress and making a few extra dollars on the side, so she advises Mrs. Despard to feign madness in order to bring hubby to his senses.
When Ralph Despard arrives home things wear a terrible aspect. Here is the maid's chance.
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The Despard Gallery

The Despard Gallery Tasmania

Despard Gallery has been an established commercial art space in Hobart, Tasmania for 27 years. Throughout this time the gallery has lead the way for contemporary arts practice through an extensive exhibition program, including large scale international exhibitions in New York and Chicago.
With this extensive history and experience Despard is set to realise a fresh new vision in a new, purpose-built above the original gallery in historic, central Hobart.